Delivery Information

If you need delivery contact us, we will try to offer you the most convenient option.

We perform operative tire deliveries throughout the territory of Latvia. price list for tire delivery to the address specified by the customer:

Delivery of tires in Riga (Contactless delivery) - FREE SHIPPING.

Delivery of tires outside Riga, throughout Latvia (Contactless delivery, OMNIVA courier) - FREE SHIPPING.

Delivery to the office: Rīga, Brīvības gatve 295 (Contactless delivery) - FREE SHIPPING.

We inform you that the sales of continue. However, according to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 720 of 11.10.2021, when a state of emergency was declared in Latvia, establishing restrictions on the provision of trade services.

For all questions, please call:

     +371 23272273

     +371 23272373

or write:

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